Educational Visits And Mental Health Workshops

We are very proud at Wings Of Wales of our workshops that we have been running in schools and hospitals/care homes over the years, we offer unique and inspiring education sessions that educate all ages. Over the past two years we have been working alongside mental health organisations to help promote mental heath creating stimulation session with our team of birds to promote wellbeing and also give education on the conservation status of wildlife in general.

Lewis who runs wings of wales is a qualified lecturer, conservationist and professional photographer. He has worked in many different situations from wildlife conservation at home and abroad, lecturing in the classroom ( further Education, Higher Education and Adult Education ) and documenting mental health

Wings of wales can offer a number of educational visits to suit any need or criteria. Our workshops are incredibly rewarding, giving children and adults an up to date insight into conservation issues and the history of falconry.

We can also provide visits to our flying locations where people can get to see them at their full potential.We can provide private parking and have a functional classroom facility.

Our birds can be handled on visits, and photographs can be taken with them free of charge on the day. We do stress that our birds will not be able to be handled by large groups, and we do not let people stroke them. We strive to work by a professional conduct set by the BFC, Raptor Awards and Hawk Board which are UK organisations.

The job of our birds is to protect their own species and others in the wild by providing quality education and flying demonstrations that inspire.

Please see our feedback below.

University Of South Wales.
HND Second Year II Animal Studies Students from Bridgend College affiliated with The University of South Wales.

We had the pleasure of visiting Wings of Wales last week in October 2017, Lewis our guide for the day was very informative and passionate about what he does and this reflects in his presentation. The content was both interesting, and relevant to our ongoing animal studies course. The surrounding landscape was visually stunning and coupled with the luck of fine weather on the day, we got to experience flying the birds of prey first hand in an unforgettable encounter. In the future, perhaps with less constraint on time, we could have had the possibility to view a wider range of species, but this, in no way detracts from the overall outing. Nevertheless, we had a fantastic day out with Lewis, his work towards conservation is unparalleled, and his raising of public awareness is essential in preserving endangered species such as Harry the vulture.

Michele Gorman
HE Animal Studies Learning Programme Leader
HND/C Animal Studies Year 1 & II
How Can We Help You.

Educational Wings of Wales hawk walk experience with Lewis Phillips

on 28 May 2018

College of Fribourg, Switzerland

Not everyone can claim to have a walked a pet-sized griffon, taken it for a hunt and come back with awe and not a single scar. Thanks to Lewis and his feathery companions, we were able to spend a splendid day out in the fields enjoying a stroll with his hawks. We were fortunate to learn new things about the endangered species and their natural habitants as well as the difficulties they are facing in modern Wales. With pleasant sunny weather, Lewis‘ offer to make friends with birds of pray is an activity not to miss when visiting the countryside! – Karolina -

This has been an amazing experience, one everybody should try. I am so happy that I had the chance to live it. Lewis welcomed us and guided us through a wonderful day. I am grateful to have had such a knowledgeable and good guide. – Dunia -

The Hawk Walk was such a fun and so different an experience! Lewis is a great guide, he was very patient and even let us feed the hawks. -Tiphanie and Lorena -

The hawk walks were absolutely incredible, from the beginning to the end a day to remember! -Laura & Isabelle-

We had a lovely time exploring Wales‘ beautiful landscapes with Lewis and his birds. What an incredible experience for all of us! We will surely come back one day. -Seline-

Our class had an amazing experience on the walk with the birds! It was very interesting and so fascinating. We could all feel the passion Lewis has working with his animals and how well he treats them. His mission is something unique and he will achieve great things. Thank you Lewis for having us and being so wonderfully nice to all of us all day! –Maïc-

The Hawk Tour was a fabulous experience. The wonderful landscapes and the magnificent hawk flying was surely the most memorable part of our trip. –Luca-

The walk with the birds was a new and very nice experience. Lewis showed us how beautiful birds can be although they aren’t my favourite animals. If I ever return to Brecon Beacons I would really like to join the adventure again. 😊 –Chiara-

I had an amazing time discovering all the beautiful birds Lewis works with. It was also nice to spend some time in the wonderful nature that is surrounding Lewis’ farm. I really enjoyed seeing how passionate this man is. He truly loves his birds! - Fanny-

If you would like us to visit your school or organisation please feel free to contact Lewis either via the website and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

You can also ring Lewis on 07800 986673 and your criteria needs can be fully discussed.