A Day never to be forgotten.

This day is tailored for people wanting a real adventure in the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is also only on a one to one basis but you may also bring one guest with you for the day. The venue is Penderyn, the Brecon Beacons. we start at 10am where you will meet up at the famous whiskey distillery in Penderyn, we then head towards the limestone hills where we park in a secure location and get ready to fly our hawks, vulture and eagles. The views are terrific with a fantastic 360 degree view, and the famous peak of Pen y Fan in the distance.

You will be shown the husbandry used to fly the birds, weight management and diet that our birds need.

We start of by flying the Harris hawks around the broad leave woods below the Vole mountain. The birds will follow us as we take in the scenery. If we are lucky they may slip onto rabbits, squirrels and pheasants. You will be shown how to work along side the birds to flush for quarry and how the work as a pack bird in the wild. Once we have flown the harris hawks we venture out with Harry our Ruppells Vulture. A critically endangered species, Harry plays a huge role in public engagement towards conservation of all species. We walk with Harry to the top of Penderyn Vole where he follows us all the way to the top. You will then see his impressive 9ft wingspan as he takes of into the wind.

Once back we take a short trip down to the country hotel of Ty Newydd for local home lunch and refreshments.

In our afternoon session we venture up on the Brecon Beacons flying a number of eagles From the White Tail to the Bald Eagle. Weather permitting the birds will soar to great heights with the eagle flying along side us and landing to the glove, As ambassadors of the national park we can tell you a vast amount about the history and geology of the landscape you are walking in. You can have as many photographs taken as you take in the stunning scenery of the National Park. It is a truly amazing spectacle that will never be forgotten.

Good footwear and clothing are essential, you also need to be physically fit as you will be walking throughout the day and also up some gradients. It is also advisable to bring bottled water to keep hydrated. Your cream tea lunch is incorporated into the price.

Please Note : Due to the nature of the activity the weather plays a massive role in if we are able to go ahead on the day. All bookings are re scheduled if they are not possible due to the weather.

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Single Person experience £285.00
Two Person Experience £350.00
Three Person Experience £400.00