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School Visits

Wings of Wales visit a number of local schools during the year, we aim to meet their criteria for the educational year, but also offer ideas.

Wings of Wales also work with a nuber of English schools who visit us in the national park on excursions, schools such as Showling from Hampshire and Dullwich in south London.

We have also had a number of international schhols visitingfrom countries such as Switzerland.

Our aim is to look at species native to Britain and the benefits of them being introduced back. Also other species we are working with in other countries such as our vultures in Africa or the new project in the Amazon with the Harpy Eagle.

Highly professional educational displays

Previous Displays

Local/National schools
Raglan Castle
Oxwhich Castle
Laurghne Castle
Tree Tower Court
Ogmore Castle
Tinturn Abbey
Brecon Castle Hotel
Large shows
Vale Of Glamorgan Show
South Gloucestershire Show
Vauxhall Palace Gardens, St Georges Day Event.

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Television Filming

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TV Work

At wings of wales we have been lucky enough to work on a number of different productions covering different genres.

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For any further information or if you would like to discuss you projects with us then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.