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Location: Brecon Beacons – Penderyn.

Bird Of Prey Photography Experience


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If you’ve ever wondered how the professionals get that ‘perfect shot’ or simply want to improve your photography skills with some expert guidance then why not visit the Wings of Wales team in the Brecon Beacons.

Professional lecturer in photography and animal trainer Lewis James Phillips will help you set up shots with his trained birds and show you how to apply these skills with wild birds and other wildlife subjects. Lewis will explain more about the bird species in the workshop and their habitats and lifestyles in the wild, while also helping you capture great shots and offer expert instruction on key skills such as composition, camera control and lighting. By creating natural sets with a variety of props and getting up close and personal with our birds, you’ll discover some tricks of the trade and will soon be on your way to taking expert quality photographs of your own.

A basic knowledge of photography would be beneficial to those wishing to take part in the workshop but Lewis will always be on hand to ensure you get the most out of your day. These days are geared up for camera clubs and last for 3 hours per session.

All images are taken in a very natural environment offering the best possible work.

Minimum of 10 maximum of 12 attendants.

Fitness levels need to be good.

Appropriate clothing needs to be worn.

We meet at the Ty Newyedd Country Hotel, lunch can be pre ordered for when workshop finishes.

For infomation on bespoke 1-2-1 experiences please contact lewis on the number above or visit

Bridgend and District Photography Society – Review

We were met at The Ty Newydd Country Hotel by conservation photographer, bird of prey handler and owner Lewis Phillips who over a cup of tea/coffee explained the format of the morning’s activities, suitable lenses etc.

We then set off to a wooded area where out of his van Lewis brought out “Willow” a Ural Owl. At that point Lewis explained how this area of woodland would be the type of area that this type of owl would live and hunt. During this part of the session Willow was placed in various locations for us to take our shots and for Lewis to advise to some members best camera settings, shooting positions and what to look for.

We then moved on to an old church and graveyard for Lewis to show us “Bert” the Barn Owl and once again explained that this was a typical type of area for the Barn Owl as the overgrown graveyard contained a ready supply of food for the owl, and again the bird was placed in suitable areas for us to photograph.

Then it was off to another location for Lewis to fly 3 of his larger birds.

1st up was “Rupert” a Gyr Saker Falcon. A lovely looking bird but the first thing to notice about this bird was the speed it flew, and the difficulty some of us had getting sharp in-flight images, so it was time for multiple high-speed shots which helped a lot. A description of its habitat and hunting methods was explained.

2nd up was “Twizzle” an African harrier hawk or gymnogene. This bird is a medium sized raptor not native to the UK but with a 4-5ft wingspan is a slow and graceful flyer making it easier for us photographers to capture it in flight. A lovely if unusual looking bird and once again, we were given a full run down on its usual habitat, its hunting style.

3rd and last came “Florence” a white-tailed eagle. A large raptor with a wingspan of approx. 6-8ft. Once again, we were taken to an area which was more suitable to this type of bird, i.e high up looking down on the surrounding area. Although Lewis managed to encourage Florence to fly a couple of times, the conditions were not ideal as the wind was blowing down the hill and as such not providing any lift for the bird to soar. That said it is such a large bird we all managed to get some great shots both in flight and on the ground.

After that it was back to the hotel where we had booked ourselves into an excellent reasonably priced lunch. (not part of the Wings of Wales package).

Everyone in our group remarked what an excellent experience this was and on behalf of us all would like to thank Lewis for his welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic attitude and I have no hesitation in recommending this type of outing to other Camera Clubs/Photographic Society’s


Once again, thank you



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